Colon Cancer Stage 3 Symptoms

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Colon Cancer Stage 3 Symptoms, Colorectal cancer, or colon cancer, is a cancer that originates in the lining of rectum and the colon. Generally, benign polyps slowly grow into cancerous tumours. Colon cancer is nearly undetectable in its initial phases, but symptoms start to show as the cancer permeates deep to the wall of the colon.

Colon Cancer Stage 3 Symptoms
Colon Cancer Stage 3 Symptoms

The five phases of colon cancer are as follows:

  • Stage 0, where the cancer is limited to the colorectal lining.
  • Stage 1, where the cancer has reached the colorectal wall, but not penetrated it.
  • Stage 2, where the cancer has penetrated the wall and affected nearby tissues, but has not yet reached the lymph nodes.
  • Stage 3, where the cancer has affected the lymph nodes as well.
  • Stage 4, where the cancer has started to affect other parts of the body, especially the lungs and liver.

You may even experience rage and depression for an emotional level.

Phase 3 colon cancer can further be broken up into 3 groups, with respect to the extent to which it’s spread as well as how many lymph nodes affected.

Cancer has influenced three lymph nodes and has proceeded to the central layers of the colon wall.

Cancer passed through the colon wall has penetrated deeper in relation to the central layers and /or. Encompassing colorectal tissues are often impacted.

Phase 3C colon cancer: Cancer has additionally changed than four lymph nodes, and has expanded beyond point 3B colon cancer.

Life Expectancy

As with other cancer, even your general way of life, medical history, overall health, ethnicity, tumour size, tumor features, and treatment options discover survival rate and life expectancy.

Since stage 3 colon cancer is divided into 3 phases, the five-year survival rates are different for every single phase.

  • Stage 3A: 73%
  • Stage 3B: 46%
  • Stage 3C: 28%